Let them stay in Africa!(READERS' VIEWS) (Letter to the editor)

Author:Nkrumah, Afrikatu Kofi

I entirely disagree with Akua Djanie's "Escape from Africa" (NA Dec). Not only that, but I am also very much troubled by the general statements she made in the piece because they were highly misleading and uninformed.


Akua sought to portray Africa as a place where unless one has the right name (whatever she means by that) or is from a rich family, one has no chance of progressing in life; where most of the African youth eke out a living and have virtually no opportunities to realise their dreams and ambitions in Africa.

So she makes the elation call for the youth to be allowed to leave en masse to seek greener pastures in Europe and beyond. She unconsciously forgets the saying that, "All that glitters is not gold."

The irony is that while the pessimists only see hopelessness in Africa and therefore leave or would want to leave, the Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, South Koreans and others are arriving in droves and are seeing only opportunities in Africa, and are in fact making it! So the Africans who leave would return to find there is no more space for them.

Truly, there are tremendous opportunities in Africa for Africans but for us to tap into them, we need to change our perception, mentality and attitude to the continent, and to work hard! I have an organisation that is trying to help needy children and women in rural communities in some four African countries, and I work closely with these folks so...

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