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Position:Data News and Products - Sentences DBMS demonstrates new associative model of data

The Internet places a new set of demands on database technology to which relational vendors have yet to respond. Their flagship products were developed before the advent of the client/server and the Internet and have become feature rich to the point of redundancy. By contrast, the Internet demands compact, lightweight technologies developed using Java that can function equally well on PCs, servers, network computers and the new generation of pervasive computing devices that is now emerging. One major vendor's Internet strategy requires companies to store their databases on large, centralised data servers, an approach which is at odds with the distributed nature of the Internet This defensive strategy is shaped more by the limitations of technology than the needs of customers and highlights the relational model's inability to respond to the demands of the Internet By contrast, the new associative model of data builds on a body of academic research including triple stores, semantic networks, binary -relational techniques and the entity relationship model. To this several important and unique concepts have been added. The associative model sees information the same way as our brains: as things and associations between them These associations are expressed through the simple subject-verb-object syntax of an English sentence--hence the name of the product, Sentences.

Also, unlike their relational counterparts...

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