Law enforcement: stun-effect rubber bullets.

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The latest addition in a growing arsenal of non-lethal weapons to combat the scourge of violent crime is ShockRound. It is being developed in the US for law enforcement officers, the military and border patrol, and anti-terrorism personnel.


ShockRound rubber bullets, fully compatible with standard calibres, discharge an electrical shock on impact and temporarily disrupt the nervous system, without causing injury. The target is instantly immobilised, allowing the law officer to make the arrest.

ShockRound's biggest advantage over similar weapons, such as stun guns, is its effective range. It can floor a target at over 100m, whereas traditional rubber bullets are effective only up to about 30m.

How does it work? Well, says its manufacturer, MDM Group, it employs the piezoelectric effect to generate a high-voltage charge from PZT ceramic crystals. (The piezoelectric effect is the production of electricity or...

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