KXEN Unveils Analytical Data Management and Modeling Factory.

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KXEN have announced the next chapter in predictive analytics with its Analytical Data Management (ADM) and Modeling Factory (KMF). This introduces predictive analytics' first-ever 'semantic layer' combined with powerful scheduling capabilities to provide orders of magnitude increases in agility and productivity to deal with today's business challenges.

Today's business environment is becoming increasingly complex as the cloud changes the nature of customer relationships. Companies are trying to take advantage of new sources of personalised data and customers are demanding customised interactions in real-time. Unfortunately, traditional predictive analytic tools and technologies require months to build the underlying models needed to create complex offers, decisions and policies. The launch of KXEN's Analytical Data Management and Modeling Factory allow businesses to supercharge their predictive analytic processes with increasingly intelligent models built in only hours. KXEN Analytical Data Management (ADM) - predictive modeling's first semantic layer Similar to the breakthrough of a semantic layer made by business intelligence solutions to solve skyrocketing demand in reporting, KXEN is...

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