The Kurds In Iran: The Past, Present and Future.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position::Brief article - Book review

THE KURDS IN IRAN THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE By Kerim Yildiz and Tanyel Taysi published by Pluto Press ISBN 0 7453 2669 2 price 25.00 [pounds sterling] hardback

The Kurds, between 24m and 30m-strong, sharing a common culture and language, are the world's largest stateless nation.

This is one of the first comprehensive accounts of the situation of Kurds in Iran. The authors provide an overview of the issues facing Kurds within the country, and the way they have been affected by geo-political changes in Iran's neighbouring states.

The book offers a historical overview of Iran's development since WWI through to the revolution of 1979, the war with Iraq, and the emergent state policy towards its Kurdish population. It...

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