Key Google strategies to increase online revenue. Actinic.


With an 86.65% share of the UK market, Google is the region's leading search engine. This makes it necessary for companies to expand their online footprint on the search engine and capitalise on its reach. Actinic, a European e-Commerce solutions provider, outlines the following strategies to help e-retailers optimise sales, generate further website traffic and improve the end-user's overall experience.

  1. Develop websites and improve results page standing

    * Feature within the top 3 search results on Google by improving website speed.

    Evidenced in a recent shoutmeloud article, Google is keeping site speed in mind when it comes to searches. With the newly developed "Test my Site" tool, available at, retailers can measure site load times and find out how quickly sites load on desktops and mobiles, while also finding results on optimisation for mobile devices. The tool identifies the specific elements requiring updating to help improve SEO and search ranking.

    * Increase visibility with "Rich Answers"

    Accounting for 51% of website traffic (, organic searches can be optimised to help retailers appear above competition in search results.

    "Rich answers" show information from e-retailers sites relevant to users' searches on the Google results page. Depending on the search, the tool displays key elements taken from the sites in a display at the top of the results list, which allows sellers to tailor their content with regards to searches.

    * With "Rich cards", improve mobile Google ranking

    Internetlivestats states that there are 3.5 billion searches per day, and online retailers can direct these searches via the "Rich cards" feature. Sites' content is featured on the interactive cards, shifting focus towards imagery, while results are shown in a mobile-optimised carousel format.

    All content can be optimised for the cards, and vendors can take advantage of the feature immediately, benefitting from greater mobile visibility, filling in and testing their cards before making them available to consumers.

  2. Engage online communities with YouTube

    * Generate traffic with improved video referencing

    According to the site Alexa. Youtube is the 3rd most...

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