Kenyan reserve steps up anti-poaching.

Position:Kaleidoscope - Ol Pejeta animal sanctuary

Kenya's famous Ol Pejeta conservation sanctuary in Laikipia County is stepping up the fight against poaching by incorporating technology into an arsenal of anti-poaching equipment.

360-degree cameras relay round-the-clock possible intrusions to the reserve headquarters.

The cameras are part of high-tech equipment introduced last month by the sanctuary as part of its newly launched high-tech laboratory for wildlife, a research centre located in the heart of the area designed to bring new techniques into conservation management.

"What's bothering me with the world of wildlife protection is our slow pace of adopting new technologies and putting in place new ways of doing things--it has to change," said Richard Vigne, the director general of Ol Pejeta.

The private reserve on Kenya's Laikipia plateau is home to the last two northern...

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