Kenya crisis: a responsibility to the nation.

Author:Lilanga, Omar
Position:THIS MONTH'S PRIZE LETTER - Letter to the editor

I read carefully your East Africa correspondent Andrea Bohnstedt's report from Nairobi (Cautious optimism as calm returns, African Business, February 2008 issue) and have to say that I found her reference to business leaders sending Kofi Annan a message regarding the importance of reaching an agreement to be almost as inane as the memo itself!

Did these business leaders really think that Annan was unaware of the disaster that was confronting the country in the event that an agreement could not be reached?

As it is, as a Kenyan I fully welcome the power sharing agreement that has been reached thanks to the remarkable diplomatic skills and efforts of the former UN secretary-general and his team. But I do have reservations in one regard--does this agreement mean that there will be no action taken against those that perpetrated the violence and mayhem?

Through speaking to my friends and relatives still in the country, I am convinced that much of the violence was premeditated, planned by power-hungry political figures long before the election results were declared. The horrible irony is that it was the mobile phone, which has done so much to economically empower Africa, that was the tool used to co-ordinate the anarchy.

Neither side is innocent in this regard, but there were those that were...

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