Kanye West is right.

Author:Magazi, Dali
Position:Readers' Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Letter to the editor

Kanye West is said to have uttered the unthinkable, saying: "slavery is a choice". At face value, one could say this brother might really be having some mental difficulties, as has been espoused by many. In the YouTube video, he seems to emphasise the phrase 'the 400 years' and then says, it has been a choice (i.e that slaves must have chosen to remain slaves).

He has either been brave or stupid to state the truth. The truth being that not all people of African descent can continue crying victimhood, as some have been empowered enough to make visible efforts to change these fortunes for and with the rest.

I have come to believe that the world order is not governed by what is right or wrong but by force. The lion doesn't have to engage in any intellectual gymnastics about whether it is right or wrong to devour the antelope. Its agenda is to devour the antelope and the antelope's agenda is to avoid being eaten, in other words the agendas are exact diametrical opposites. Whose agenda wins is not governed by what is right or wrong but by who executes the strategy of the day.

If blacks were antelopes, they could say, it is not in their genetic make-up to match the lion's muscular power, but if the genetics are the same, then 400 years is a long time indeed for someone to continue crying victim. It is at this juncture that I see Kanye West's point. If there are...

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