IT is Everywhere surveys shed light on expanding borders of IT: SolarWinds.


SolarWinds, recently announced the findings of its IT is Everywhere surveys. The results showcase how the realm of IT is expanding beyond the traditional borders of company-owned devices and on-premises technology, thereby placing greater demand on IT professionals to manage technology outside their traditional scope of control.

"The importance of technology and the IT professionals who support it is a well-known fact of business success," said Joseph Kim, senior vice president and chief technology officer,

Key Findings

The first focuses on end users' perspectives related to the evolving business technology landscape and IT professionals' role in it, while the second focuses on IT professionals' corresponding viewpoint. The combined key findings include:

More end users are connecting a diverse set of electronic devices, including those personally-owned, to corporate networks.

* 52 percent of employed end users in the UK say they connect more devices, whether company- or personally-owned, to corporate networks than they did 10 years ago, at an average of two more per user.

* 51 percent of end users say they connect more personally-owned devices to corporate networks than they did 10 years ago, at an average of two more per user.

* 56 percent of end users say they connect a laptop/desktop computer to corporate networks, 52 percent a smartphone and 25 percent a tablet computer.

* 26 percent of end users say they connect a less expected form of electronic device to corporate networks, such as Bluetooth speakers, streaming media players, wearable technology and eReaders.

The technology end users rely on is increasingly outside their employers' on-premises infrastructure, including cloud-based applications and work-related resources leveraged beyond the office.

* 60 percent of IT professionals globally say their organisations permit/facilitate the use of cloud-based applications; 71 percent also estimate that end users at least occasionally use non-IT-sanctioned cloud-based applications.

* 58 percent of end users say they leverage these cloud-based applications--both IT-facilitated and non-IT-sanctioned--while at work.

* 56 percent of end users say they regularly use work-related applications outside the office, on either company-owned or personally-owned devices.

Despite the increase in end users' reliance on technology often outside the...

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