Iot Connectivity Requirements to Be Fulfilled by 4.5G.

Author:Flomer, Ingo
Position:DATABASE AND NETWORK INTELLIGENCE: SHOWS NEWS - Internet of things - Brief article

As the IoT expands, so too do the scale of projects and applications. The industrial IoT (MoT) is characterised by sites with a high volume of connected devices and sensors--such as processing plants, mining and oil exploration, shipping ports--which require always-on, ultra-low latency, ultra-reliable and ultra-secure cellular connectivity. Signal in these environments often supports mission critical applications and needs to penetrate industrial-grade infrastructure, and hardware needs to withstand often harsh environments. Connectivity must be robust and reliable: failures, poor coverage and outages could risk to revenues and safety.

What does this mean Mobile World Congress? Whilst in the future, it'll be 5G that facilitates the IIoT, this year we'll see a demand from the...

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