iOS 10 effects enterprise traffic volumes.

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Apple's launch of iOS 10 has significantly effected enterprise network traffic volumes, according to analysis by cloud and network provider Exponential-e, reaching a peak of five times the normal volume of traffic from Apple on the day of its release.

Andrew Chant, head of networks at Exponential-e, has made the following comments and revealed further network traffic statistics following the release:

"Billed as the most significant iOS update in recent years, the launch of Apple's new operating system delivered a shot of adrenaline to corporate networks, with organisations seeing up to a third more traffic as employees download the latest update.

"Exponential-e's analysis of the traffic running over corporate networks has revealed there was five times the normal volume of traffic from Apple on Wednesday 14th September as eager workers installed the new operating system and tested-out the latest features and functionality. As users were prompted to install iOS 10, total network traffic jumped by 30 per cent, placing additional demands on the load of data centres and cloud services.

"Despite concerns surrounding the lack of fanfare and a bug that rendered some devices unusable for existing iPhone users, the increase in network traffic from Apple continued throughout the remainder of the...

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