International remittances: correcting the record.

Author:Kibera, Kennedy
Position:THIS MONTH'S PRIZE LETTER - Letter to the editor

I refer to the Telecoms article that you recently published (African Business, November 2007). You write of a 'world first' in the Safaricom M-Pesa international remittance service, a pilot scheme established with UK partners Vodafone plc and the Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking Services division in August 2007. In fact, international tele-remittances have been up and running in the Far East, I believe, since 2005, although admittedly on a regional basis. It would have been more accurate to describe the UK-Kenya Safaricom M-Pesa remittance as Africa's first international tele-remittance service.

It is a vitally important service and many like me in Africa are hoping that the telecom companies will roll-out similar services across the continent...

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