International Advances in Adoption Research for Practice.

Author:Simmonds, John
Position:Book review

International Advances in Adoption Research for Practice

Gretchen Miller Wrobel and Elsbeth Neil (eds) Wiley-Blackwell 2009 358 pages 27.99 [pounds sterling]

This edited collection contains papers from the 2nd International Conference on Adoption Research held at the University of East Anglia in July 2006. There are 13 papers with an introduction by Howe exploring, among other things, the contribution that adoption has made to our understanding of the relative contributions of nature and nurture to our perceptions of child development. Reiss takes the theme of genetic risk and explores how these might shape relationships in the adoptive family. The theme of developmental recovery through adoption consistently appears in many chapters and is the principal focus of McRoy's section on the adoption of children from care in the USA, Canada and the UK, and Steele's on the use of narrative assessments to determine recovery. The theme is also explored in relation to intercountry adoption with very helpful chapters by Rutter from the ERA study and Juffer using a longitudinal meta-analytic methodology.

The complexity of adoption is never avoided, with an exposition from Palacios on the multilayered perspectives afforded by applying Bronfenbrenner's model. The changing nature of international adoption is charted...

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