Intego Personal backup.


Intego, a provider of i-security for Macs, have released Intego Personal Backup X, a backup, synchronisation and volume cloning solution for Mac OS X. The program manually or automatically backs up fries, synchronises data between two computers or volumes, and clones bootable Mac OS X volumes. Users can choose from one-click operations or custom scripts. Intego Personal Backup X is compatible with Jaguar, the latest version of Mac OS X (10.2).

All Intego Mac OS X solutions are developed on native Cocoa (and not versus carbon OS 9), to offer both greater stability, and a platform for future enhancements. Written specifically for Mac OS X using Apple's new Cocoa development technology, the solution is designed to provide an interface and capabilities to protect data from accidental deletions and hard disk failures. Backups, synchronisations and clones are made with one click of the mouse.

Alternatively, users can create scripts and define exceptions, select multiple sources, set schedules, and clone their Mac OS X start-up volume to ensure they have bootable backups at all times.

Backups can run both automatically at shutdown, preset times, or regular intervals; and manually by selecting a script from a special pull-down menu. The program recognises any HFS/HFS+/UFS volume including hard disks, magneto-optical disks, SyQuest cartridges, Zip cartridges, iDisks, and AppleShare, samba and NFS servers. All data is copied in Finder format, enabling users to recover backup files without performing complicated restore procedures.

The synchronisation option makes it possible to update the most recent items between...

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