Infosecurity conference app can be hacked.

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Recent tests conducted by app security specialists Promon have shown that the Infosecurity Europe 2016 app, designed to promote and provide information on the upcoming Infosecurity conference in London, can be hacked through straightforward infiltration methods. While this particular vulnerability does not put sensitive data at risk, it should serve as motivation for companies that do hold important personal information to assess their app security and stamp out any glaring or lingering weaknesses.

While this test was done without malicious intentions, it should serve as a wake-up call for attendees at the conference and for app providers in general, who should all look towards shoring up their app security to keep sensitive data safe.

Tom Lysemose Hansen, founder and CTO of Promon, said: "Our test was devised as a simple way of showing how savvy hackers can make a rapid and significant impact on an app which does not employ the most advanced proactive security measures. In the case of the Infosecurity app, little sensitive user data is at risk, but if, for example, a bank had neglected to build adequate protection around its app, it would effectively be presenting an open goal to cybercriminals."

To make sure important customer data Is not compromised, Hansen believes that banks and other app providers should conduct in-depth...

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