In the wings at a roadshow ...: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal.

Author:Ya'iche, Hichem Ben
Position::THE AFROCHAMPIONS INITIATIVE: Accelerating the transformation of Africa

There are some symbols we simply can't forget. Post-independence Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana, was at the forefront of pan-Africanism, despite the rather mixed, not to say paradoxical, image that this historical figure has left. His project and his ambition continue to live on in the country's memory. And so it is in this historic place that the starting pistol has been fired on a roadshow which will move on to two other West African countries, the Ivory Coast and Senegal. An operation organised with formidable efficiency, by key men and women: Edem Adzogenu, Samba Bathily, Victoria Bright, Anne-Elvire Esmel, and with the inestimable support of Albert Muchanga, Commissioner for Trade and Industry at the African Union Commission. A team made up of individuals from both the private sector and institutions. Joining forces in a effort to get the message across at the highest level--a free trade area is a strategic advance for the whole continent. At each stop on the tour--from Accra to Dakar via Abidjan--meetings have been organised with the business community and business owners, representatives of civil society and the universities.

This immersion journey has confirmed that an educational exercise is indispensable all over Africa, to help clarify, and promote better understanding of...

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