In 2019 Key Technologies Will Leap into the Mainstream.


Global technology consultancy DataArt recently released its predictions for technology trends in 2019, road-mapping the areas that will see a significant growth.

"The scene has been set for the 2019 technology landscape to evolve at unprecedented pace, propelling businesses and its leaders forward to create the industries of the future," said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. "While innovation has felt sometimes breakneck over the past decade, this year will see many mainstream businesses leapfrogging the initial disruptors to deliver the change that will significantly impact the way we conduct business."

The leadership team at DataArt sees the following trends for 2019:

Finance--Digitalisation is the Word of the Day.

* With worldwide open banking initiatives now providing authorised fin tech firms with open-API access to customer bank accounts, 2019 will be the year when true digitalisation finally arrives in the industry. Customer-centric, omni-channel products and services that demonstrate real understanding of multiple customer personas and journeys, built on leading edge digital platforms, will start to appear in banking, insurance, and investment management. It's only a start, but at least it's a start. Now the industry can start to catch up with ecommerce, social media and taxi hailing in terms of delivering digital services to customers.

* Crypto currencies boom will spread, from digital currency exchanges to crypto derivatives contracts. Over-the-counter trading in crypto assets will continue its steep upward trend. Asset managers will increasingly add crypto-assets to their portfolios. At the same time, distributed ledger technology on the blockchain will increasingly become a force for good in stripping out effort, time and cost from labour-intensive error-ridden processes, such as settlements, reconciliations, and trade finance. Strong interest and support for all blockchain use-cases in 2018 from Fidelity; NYSE; Nasdaq; CBOE; CME; JP Morgan, Societe Generale (and all of the 75 institutions in the Interbank Information Exchange) and many others, will ensure a record year in 2019.

Healthcare and Life Sciences--Life-saving Al will launch

"As Healthcare technology trends like Al and Telemedicine continue to mature we will start to see them converge into holistic data driven smart platforms that accelerate the delivery and precision of medical care."--Daniel Piekarz, SVP, Healthcare and Life Sciences

* Artificial intelligence...

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