Improved protection for Linux Workstations.

Position:Virus Notes

Kaspersky Labs, has a new generation of and-virus protection for workstations running under Linux: KasperskyR Anti-Virus 5.0 for Linux Workstations. The program, winch replaces version 4.0, contains a range of fundamental changes and upgrades winch heighten the efficiency of the system, as well as simplifying configuration and management of the solution.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Workstations provides anti-virus protection for workstations running under Linux. The program effectively detects and neutralises all types of malicious programs as they attempt to penetrate the workstation. All features function automatically, easing initial installation and implementation. The striking example of this is automatic scanning of the workstation's file system, winch can also be carried out according to a schedule set by the user or even initiated manually if required.

Updating the anti-virus database does not require any effort from the user, as updates are automatically downloaded via the Internet using a built-in utility. Remote management of the system is enabled by full integration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus with the popular administration system Webmin. The program makes it...

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