Images from the Endgame: Persia Through a Russian Lens 1901-1914.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position::Brief article - Book review

IMAGES FROM THE ENDGAME PERSIA THROUGH A RUSSIAN LENS 1901-1914 By John Tchalenko published by Saqi books ISBN 0 86356 735 5 price 19.99 [pounds sterling] paperback

On 11 August 1913, the Tsar's consul in Persia, and officer in the Lithuanian Regiment, Alexander Iyas, photographed Mamed Amin-agha, head of the Kurdish Piran tribe, in front of a wall of fierce-looking warriors from Baiz-pasha's Mangur tribe. The photographer was marking a reconciliation he had negotiated between the two warring tribes. In December 1914, Iyas was assassinated and beheaded by these tribesmen allied with Turkish troops. By an extraordinary series of coincidences, the negatives were recovered from the body of...

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