ICT spending in Middle East to top $96bn in 2014.

Position::Compass 01/2014: News and Views from around the World - Information communications technology - Brief article

Information communications technology (ICT) spending in the Middle East will top $96bn in 2014, according to a report from the research firm IDC, as infrastructure projects across the region spur the need for new technologies. Leaving aside the telecoms sector, spending on IT projects will exceed $32bn across the GCC, Levant, Iran, Iraq and Egypt. The region's spending will place it as one of the top three fastest-growing IT markets in the world, surging at a rate of about 7.3 % year-on-year, said IDC. It is superseded only by Latin America and central Asia. Public sector investments to improve government services, education and health care will be the main drivers for growth. The numerous smart-city projects in the GCC in particular will increase machine-to-machine connections by 19%, to reach $224m

Saudi Arabia is the region's biggest market, accounting for almost $7bn of...

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