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2nd Africa Urban Infrastructure Investment Forum (AUIIF) 19th & 20th January, Luanda, Angola

The 2nd AUIIF will bring together the public and private sectors to discuss urban development policy and investment in Africa. It will be held in conjunction with the inaugural "Jose Eduardo dos Santos" African Mayor Awards.

African Mayor Awards 20th January, Luanda, Angola

Launched by UCLG-A and African Business magazine, the inaugural "Jose Eduardo dos Santos" African Mayor Awards celebrate the leadership and contribution of Mayors from cities across Africa.

5th Africa Debt Capital Markets (ADCM) Summit 16th April, Washington DC, USA

Held during the World Bank & IMF meetings, the 5th ADCM Summit will apprise on Africa's capital markets, showcase investment opportunities, and convey its position within the global context of financial markets.

9th African Banker Awards 21st May, Abidjan, Cdte d'Ivoire

The most prestigious event in Africa's banking and finance sector, the African Banker Awards, is held under the patronage of the African...

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