Hybrid IT organisations experience cost-efficiencies and scalability, but still struggle with IT professional skills gap, visibility, and security concerns: Solarwinds.

Position:IT Trends Report 2017

The company's annual study on the state of the IT industry dives deeper into the effects hybrid IT has had on UK organisations, finding that:

* Half of IT professionals identify cost efficiency as one of the top three reasons for selecting particular areas to migrate to the cloud

* Almost six out of 10 name an IT skills gap as one of the biggest challenges in hybrid IT

* Two-thirds of IT teams who have migrated critical applications to the cloud spend less than 40 percent of their annual IT budgets on cloud technology

* The top reason for bringing applications and infrastructure back on-premises was security/compliance

* Seventy-four percent state their organisations currently use up to three cloud provider environments

SolarWinds have revealed the findings of its SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2017: Portrait of a Hybrid IT Organisation. For 2017, SolarWinds' annual state-of-the-industry study explores the variety of ways in which IT departments around the world are integrating the cloud, and the effect hybrid IT has had on their organisations and IT job roles.

Overall, organisations in the United Kingdom (UK) are moving further into the cloud, with 92 percent of respondents reporting they have migrated critical applications and infrastructure over the past year. However, more than half (58 percent) said an IT skills gap was one of the five biggest challenges of the cloud and hybrid IT, while 59 percent said the existence of the cloud and hybrid IT have had at least somewhat of an impact on their careers in terms of requiring them to acquire new skills.

"No job is more affected by ongoing technology disruptions than the role of the IT professional, which is why we explore these dynamics year after year," said Joe Kim, senior vice president and chief technology officer, SolarWinds. "By creating this portrait of today's hybrid IT organisation, we get to the heart of the shifts occurring so we can better understand and cater to the unique needs of these unsung heroes of business. For today's IT professionals, it's absolutely critical not only to put the right solutions in place to best manage hybrid IT environments, but to prepare organisations--and themselves--for continued technology advancements, even as we move beyond cloud."

2017 Key Findings

The SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2017: Portrait of a Hybrid IT Organisation explores significant trends, developments, and movements related to and directly affecting IT and IT professionals. Key findings show that today's...

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