How the cloud affects attitudes and processes in businesses.

Author:Reindl, Simon

The worldwide adoption of the cloud is bringing with it big changes in organisational structure, project management and attitudes to digital transformation. We see the most striking of these in three key areas: technology, organisational culture and processes. Let's take a closer look.


Being portable, scalable and secure, cloud technology empowers businesses to respond quickly to changes in their marketplaces. Mobile devices are key here, as they are most adaptive to the frequency that cloud technology changes,

Many organisations are suffering with a hidden technical debt. Their lack of automated practices inhibits responsiveness. For this reason, engaging with code craftsmanship is critical.

We're seeing a huge push towards code craftsmanship. The Microsoft Visual Studio team updates its cloud product every three weeks while Google, Facebook and Twitter release several times a day. This is the aspirational goal for most companies.

Complex technological landscapes are also holding organisations back from getting their products to market quickly. This means they're grappling with problems such as:

* long requirement cycles with complex processes

* complex brittle code base with technical debt

* long testing cycles with a predominance of manual testing

* unstable environments that create challenging releases

* slow, manual release chains

By moving to smaller releases and automated build tests and release phases, these businesses could benefit from faster feedback. The key tenet of the DevOps movement, faster technical feedback allows product teams to release more frequently and test market responses.

Scrum and Agile Sprint techniques can improve product quality and accelerate the release process. Furthermore, when using these techniques, teams can address the biggest pain points iteratively and incrementally.

Recently, two first year university students did with $500 what the Australian government couldn't with $ 10 million: They designed a cloud-based alternative to Australia's census website in just 54 hours.

Integrating security into the enterprise cloud landscape is another critical technological challenge, particularly at businesses that use social media and promote a bring your own device (BYOD) environment.

Organisational culture

More and more organisations are realising that they need to empower and engage their workers if they are to improve their products and services. On this subject, I believe Jurgen Appelo's thinking...

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