How rooibos tea holds out hope for diabetics.

Position:Medicinal properties - Brief article

New evidence has emerged that rooibos extracts can combat diabetes type 2 in rats and, with more research, possibly humans. Results of a study to this effect were published recently in the Phytomedicine Journal. The research was a joint effort between the Diabetes Discovery Platform from South Africa's Medical Research Council (MRC), the Agricultural Research Council and the National Research Foundation.

"We started off with small animals," says team leader Dr Johan Louw of the MRC. "The next step is to take our research to human patients. We're confident we'll be able to duplicate the rat results."

"The rooibos plant has many compounds and the two that interest us are aspalathin, which is found exclusively in rooibos, and rutin," says Louw. "and when the two compounds are combined the results are remarkable." Monitored over a six hour period test, the combination succeeded in lowering the blood glucose level of the rats.

"We are the first in the world to show this effect from rooibos extract," says Louw. For the global millions with diabetes, this is good news.

The Rooibos Council is involved with...

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