Author:Vermeij, Paul
Position:Talent Matters: The Employee Experience

For Bosch, implementing its global employee value proposition (EVP) in Africa posed a challenge. Paul Vermeij, Bosch's Vice President for HR in the African region, explains how they went about it

Bosch Africa entered the African market riding on the wave of its global brand, but not enough of the talent market recognised us an employer, let alone an employer of choice. Our global employee value proposition (EVP) had been successfully implemented in the European markets but rolling it out in our African markets, where we are dealing with nine different countries that each have various target markets, was a challenge.

Identifying the target markets within our regions was the first step in the process; the next step was to find where to engage our talent and then gauge what our talent is looking for when deciding on an employer.

Our main market lies within the technical experienced professionals and fresh graduates from all disciplines who are using a common recruiting platform to engage with potential employers. And that is where we needed to start our journey. The main aim of the Bosch Africa page on this platform was to create awareness that Bosch Africa is not just a company that offers products and services, but that we are an employer as well. We are using the platform to tell our story and build our brand within our new market, seeing a growth of over 16,000+ new users in the first year.

Since the launch of our page our recruitment costs have gone down by 60% as the usage of recruitment agencies has decreased. There has been a substantial increase in the number of applications received for each job advert, with an average of over 470 applicants per advert, and the recognition of our brand has increased by 60% from the interaction we receive from potential candidates, according to data received from LinkedIn.

Tailoring our EVP to speak to the needs of our talent proved challenging as we tried using the one-size fits all approach. The wants and needs of the North African market are vastly different to those of the West African market. The next challenge was to assess what it is these markets wanted and needed from employers. This took us on a journey with GCC in the form of a study of what resonates the most within our regions, from skills development, work-life balance to social responsibility.

We took the...

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