House of Stone: The True Story of a Family Divided in War-Torn Zimbabwe.

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House of Stone

The True Story of a Family Divided in War-Torn Zimbabwe


By Christina Lamb

[pounds sterling]14.99 Harper Press

ISBN 0-00-721938-5

Blue mountains, golden fields, gin and tonics on the terrace ... once it had seemed the most idyllic place on Earth. But in August 2002, Marondera in eastern Zimbabwe had been turned into a bloody battleground, the centre of a violent campaign of land invasions.

One bright morning, Nigel Hough, one of the few remaining white farmers, received the news he had been dreading. There was a crowd of war veterans at his gates demanding he hand over his homestead. When he returned, the mob started a fire and dragged him to an outhouse. To his shock, the leader of the invaders was the family's much-loved nanny Aqui. "Get out or we will kill you," she spat...

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