A host of problems.

Author:Shah, Kokil S.
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

Your analysis of Zimbabwe (An unending season of discontent', NA, February 2019) and the plight of the people is very well written. The discontent currently visible in Zimbabwe is no different from the position evident in Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Comoros etc.

Economic crises are multiplying in many other parts of Africa besides these five countries. Post-election disputes and various types of conflict present a challenging situation to donors and ruling governments over how to overcome the downward-spiral trends and improve the standards of living.

This is also a bleak year for many other stable countries, which have borrowed heavily from foreign lenders and are now required to repay the loans with high interest charges. With the debt repayment pressure on many African countries mounting and forex reserves eroding, will this not lead to the depreciation of local currencies against the...

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