Hinterlong James and Ryan Scott: 'Creating grander families: older adults adopting younger kin and non-kin'.

Author:Davies, Miranda
Position:Adoption - Abstract - Report

Gerontologist 48:4, August 2008, pp 527-36, USA

This study offers a large-scale investigation of adoptive families headed by older parents. The study describes these families and explores how pre-adoptive kinship between the adoptive parent and the child affects adoption outcomes. Data from kin (n = 98) and non-kin (n = 310) adoptive families headed by adults aged 60 years and older in the United States were analysed. It was found that older kin adoptive families are smaller, report lower income and include adoptive mothers with less formal education. Children in these families had less severe needs for special care at the time of placement. Although kin and non-kin older parents offer similar assessments of their parent--child relationships, kin adopters indicate a greater willingness to adopt the same child again and yet report less positive current family functioning. Multivariate regression analyses reveal that pre-adoptive kinship predicts more negative parental assessment of the adoption's impact on the family and less positive...

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