Graceland revisited.

Author:Hallam, Keith
Position:Readers' Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Letter to the editor

How does Stephen Williams ("The beat goes on", NA, March) work out that Paul Simon on his Graceland tour gave the struggle against apartheid a wider audience? By this reasoning we should give all the Rugby Union teams which toured South Africa (or entertained the South African rugby teams in Europe) plaudits because they all generated more opposition to apartheid. The music tour was to break the cultural boycott then in place, and the underlying motive of all attempts to break the boycotts was to lessen opposition to apartheid, if not [give] outright support for apartheid.

The African artists taking part in this Graceland tour were of course well paid, as were the West Indian, English and Sri Lankan cricket teams which broke the sporting boycott of South Africa. These sports people and musicians were all well paid (by apartheid) to break the boycott--this was not a move towards equality.

Did the ANC drop their cultural boycott after this Graceland tour as Williams claims? This appears to be a rewriting of history--can the ANC confirm the...

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