Goffe got it wrong.

Author:Olusegun, Kalonji
Position:Readers' views - Letter to the editor

I am writing this to attest to the need for our people to avoid viewing history from the oppressors' standpoint, and the use of their phraseology and their degradation of our struggle for freedom.

Our presence in the USA has always been omitted or minimised, especially when it has been in protest, dispute or attempts at independence to re-Africanise our people. So it is easy to see how actual events in the black community are altered to suit the mainstream understanding or interpretation.

It is thus easy to see how Leslie Goffe during his interviews with so many of the Provisional Government cadre of the Republic of New Afrika (RNA) got seemingly unimportant details confused {''African-Americans moving south", NA, July).

Documented facts show that in Match 1968, over 500 blacks of the Civil Rights period assessed the limits of this country and gathered in Detroit, Michigan, and created an independent black nation within the boundaries of the United States. They wrote a Declaration of Independence (called the Code of Umoja) and over 100 of them signed the Declaration.

The Provisional Government of the RNA is committed to two of Malcolm X's philosophical...

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