Girl's guidance: support the movement.

Author:Jamii, S.
Position:THIS MONTH'S PRIZE LETTER - Letter to the Editor

I commend you on your article Step Forward Daughters of Africa, in the June issue of African Business. Yes, many are gathering forces to promote the role of women in Africa. I recently heard a princess from Zambia on the BBC talking about the work she does to counter HIV/Aids. I would like to mention the work of the Girl Guide movement who are also promoting HIV/Aids awareness.


There are 10m Girl Guides all over the world and there are four World Centres for Girl Guides. As yet, there is no Girl Guide centre in the Africa region, but we are working towards it. I challenge the women of Africa to lend their support to the Girl Guide movement, and work towards establishing a World Centre here in Africa. Kenya has already taken the positive step of donating land for this purpose. It is for us the women of Africa to ensure that this centre is built so as to make our dream come true. This centre will ensure that many more...

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