GDPR Showcase. Countdown Begins to Compliance Deadline.


With less than 100 days to go, 72% of organisations worldwide are GDPR ready.

EfficientIP X-Day study discovers average global spend on GDPR compliance tops $ 1.5 million, bringing increased trust and loyalty from customers

EfficientIP have unveiled the findings from an independent study showing how prepared global organisations are 100 days before the deadline for EU GDPR compliance on 25th May 2018. The major findings, launched on data exfiltration day (X-Day), show businesses have never been so close to being fully compliant to new data regulations, and for the first time, organisations identify the positive benefits of compliance.

EfficientIP asked over 1,000 companies worldwide about their preparation plans for GDPR. The key findings found:

The majority of businesses globally are prepared for GDPR

* Over two-thirds of global businesses at 72% are confident they will have all required GDPR compliance processes in place by 25th May 2018.

* North America is the most confident region in world, with American and Canadian organisations saying they will be prepared at 84% and 75% respectively.

* Despite the ongoing Brexit negotiations and uncertainty looming over the enforcement and effectiveness of the EU GDPR regulation on local businesses, the UK is the most confident nation in Europe, with 74% saying they will be ready by deadline day.

* In comparison, Spanish businesses are a close second to the UK at 73%, dropping to 66% of French respondents. German organisations are the least confident in Europe at 61%.

Increased customer trust and loyalty towards businesses will be the main GDPR impact

* Businesses worldwide believe there will be a variety of benefits they will gain from being GDPR compliant. Nearly half of all organisations surveyed, at 46%, say the most important benefit from being GDPR compliant is gaining customer trust to handle sensitive data. 31% of businesses believe the most important value from compliance is enhanced brand awareness. 18% of respondents felt GDPR compliance will increase customer loyalty is the most important benefit.

* APAC, North America and Europe businesses believe the biggest positive impact from compliance is increased trust in handling customer data at 53%, 46% and 41 % respectively.

* European organisations lead the study in saying increased customer loyalty is the biggest impact at 22%, with North America and APAC following respectively at 15%, 14%.

Businesses investing as much as $5 million on compliance with Europe leading the way

* On average, global organisations have so far spent $ 1,583,000 (1,145,000 [pounds sterling]) on GDPR compliance.

* Globally, European businesses have spent the most on average on compliance with Germany leading at $1,969,000 (1,424,000 [pounds sterling]), followed by the UK with $1,798,000 (1,300,000 [pounds sterling]) with France completing the top three at $ 1,781,000 (1,288,000 [pounds sterling]).

* USA and Singapore tops regional spending in North America and APAC, investing $ 1,568,000...

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