G.fast takes center stage as Broadband Forum.

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Telebyte Inc. to showcase G.fast In real-world test environment

With Ovum forecasting ITU G.fast subscribers to reach 30 million by 2025, interoperability between chipsets (for CPE and Distribution Point Units) is a complex but absolutely vital component for the industry when deploying the technology at scale.

This is the message that the Broadband Forum will deliver at ITU Telecom World 2016. Speaking as part of a panel on "Gearing up for Ultra-High Speed Networks," the Forum's Marketing Director Mark Fishburn will discuss the critical requirements for delivering G.fast, alongside fellow panelists Dr. Reinhard Scholl, ITU's Deputy to the Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, and David Bessonen, Senior G.fast Engineer at Telebyte, Inc.

The Broadband Forum will also exhibit at the show in conjunction with Forum member Telebyte, one of the leaders in G.fast Physical Layer testing. The company will provide a live demonstration of G.fast in a real-world test environment, including products from its ID-337 solution group--based on the Broadband Forum's ID-337 G.fast Certification Test plan.

"As the industry continues to embrace G.fast, its success in broadband networks absolutely depends on service providers having a wide choice of equipment and this is where interoperability comes...

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