From Underdog to Influencer: The Dramatic Transformation of the IT Team: Greater alignment between IT and business teams is increasing performance in UK organisations says Rajesh Ganesan, Director, ManageEngine.

Author:Ganesan, Rajesh

IT has emerged as a business enabler in the UK; recent research from ManageEngine reveals that UK companies are excelling at aligning their overall business with IT. While business professionals working outside of the IT department are reportedly exhibiting strong IT knowledge,

IT managers are also showing a greater understanding of their business as a whole. The survey results gathered from over 200 IT decision makers should be welcome news for UK businesses striving to increase performance and efficiency.

Historically, different teams within organisations have been known to butt heads, so what is the cause of this newfound harmony? Many of the survey's findings point towards a growing trend of IT managers' involvement in important business decisions and greater awareness of IT-related issues, threats, and risks among business managers. Forty-two percent of respondents confirmed that their organisation's IT department is regularly or always involved in business decisions, while a further 37 percent stated that the IT department is sometimes involved in decision-making that affects the entire business.

From underdogs to influencers

Evidently, the impact of this growing trend has been encouraging, with 76 percent of respondents stating that the IT department's involvement in decision-making processes has had a positive effect on their company's bottom line. In another unexpected twist, a large proportion of the survey's respondents were complementary about their counterparts' understanding of IT-related issues, with business managers having a good understanding of IT. Additionally, IT issues appear to be generating interest at the highest level, with 84 percent of respondents stating that their IT department reports to the board of directors or business owner with regular updates.

UK businesses are clearly benefiting from traditionally competitive departments sharing knowledge and insights that put them upon the same page. However, it's not all plain sailing ahead; the heightened understanding of IT across wider businesses has placed greater focus on growing fears over IT security threats. According to the survey results, 48 percent of UK businesses believe they are somewhat or much more at risk of IT security attacks...

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