From espionage to cyber propaganda: pawn storm's activities over the past two years.


Pawn Storm--also known as Sednit, Fancy Bear, APT28, Sofacy, and STRONTIUM--is an active cyber espionage organization that has been very aggressive and ambitious in recent years. Pawn Storm's activities show that foreign and domestic espionage and influence on geopolitics are the group's main motives, with targets that include armed forces, the defense industry, news media, and politicians.

The group has been operating for years; in fact, Trend Micro first took note of their activities way back in 2004. But Pawn Storm has become increasingly relevant over the past two years, particularly because the group has been found to be doing more than espionage alone. In 2016, Pawn Storm attempted to influence public opinion, influence elections, and attempted to sway the mainstream media with stolen data. Earlier, Pawn Storm may seem to have limited their activities to political, military, and domestic espionage. Today the impact can be felt by various industries and enterprises operating throughout the world. Even the average citizen might be impacted as Pawn Storm tries to manipulate people's opinions about domestic and international affairs. The group's operations and methods might also serve as an example for other actors, who may copy tactics and repurpose them to fit their own objectives.

Recent activities and their impact

In 2016, the group not only attacked the Democratic National Convention IDNO. but also targeted the German political party Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the Turkish parliament, the parliament in Montenegro...

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