From Cairo.

Author:Saadawi, Nawal El
Position:The View - Brief article


Recently young female demonstrators in Tahrir Square have been sexually harassed by certain men. The media did not clarify the identity of these men: there has been a deliberate obfuscation as to whether it was done by the rising youth of Egypt who are the makers of the revolution, or the thugs of the previous regime.

A journalist asked me: "Is sexual harassment against young women due to sexual hunger among young men?"

I answered: "No, it is a result of the hunger for power, wealth and competition to rule. Sexual harassment has a political goal: to frighten young women away from the square, and to frighten their parents into preventing their daughters from participating in the revolution."

According to the constitution, the people are the source of all authorities and are above them all. But the opposite is true: the people are devoid of authority until they go out in the streets in protest and stay there until they achieve their goals. Historically, this is something that does not happen except after years or decades of bloody struggle between the revolution and the...

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