Friends, be Africans!(Readers' views) (Letter to the editor)

Author:Weiniger, E.H.

Marvellous Reflections by Akua Djanie ("Losing myself," NA, Feb). These have been my own convictions and laments about Africans. I organise and work with many African political and cultural groups here in Europe. As a German, I'm always amazed at how little Africans value their own perfectly legitimate, and in many ways superior cultures.


Sure, everybody is being hoodwinked these days through the media into globalised stupidity, but these are Western idiocies incorporating their own Western cultural background.

So why copy things like in Nigeria, with the replication of the exact concept of the US TV programme "Next Super-model"? Progress can and should jolly well incorporate an African flavour. The Germans keep their modern Oktoberfest but still dress for it in their ancient costumes.

Which brings me to Peter Kimani's guest column: "I am not black, I am brown" (NA, Feb). Well, Africans aren't and are. Nobody is black when you stop thinking of people as people and not pigmentation.

In the book, Darkest Europe and Africa's Nightmare, the author Akinyi, Princess of K'Orinda explains exactly when Africans became "black" and, to use her word, "Euroancestrals" became "white", and placed at the top of the ladder (i.e. during the European Age of Enlightenment when they classified everything from the air to the bottom of the ocean), when Africans were classified even lower.

As for Christmas (which Kimani writes about), it is but the pagan European winter solstice...

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