Freeware version of GFI Network Server Monitor.

Position:Security Products

GFI is launching a freeware version of GFI Network Server Monitor, its new tool that automatically monitors the network and servers for failures, and allows administrators to identify and fix issues before users report them. The freeware version allows HTTP/HTTPS and ICMP/ping checks to be configured. The HTTP check can be used to check availability of ITM and HTTPS sites end check whether the correct web Content is being served up. The ICMP/ping function monitors whether a particular server is still responding.

The freeware HTTP function can be used to check availability of HTTP and HTTPS sites. It also enables administrators to ensure that the web server is serving the correct content; for example, they can verify that their website has not been vandalized. The module allows users to create an unlimited number of HTTP cheeks. Administrators can pass credentials if their website requires this. A...

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