Fostering security? A meta-analysis of attachment in adopted children.

Author:Davies, Miranda
Position:Adoption - Abstract - Report

van den DRIES Linda, JUFFER Femmie, van IJZENDOORN Marinus and BAKERMANS-KRANENBURG Marian J

'Fostering security? A meta-analysis of attachment in adopted children'

Children and Youth Services Review 31:3, March 2009, pp 410-421, USA

Adopted children are hypothesised to be at risk of insecure attachment relationships because of their background of institutional care, maltreatment and neglect. This article reports on the conducting of two series of meta-analyses, one using only observational assessments of attachment and one using both observational and self-report assessments. Observational assessments showed that children who were adopted before 12 months of age were as securely attached as their non-adopted peers, whereas children adopted after their first birthday showed less attachment security than non-adopted children...

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