The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Globalized World in the Twenty-first Century .

Position:by Thomas Friedman - Brief article - Book review

The World is Flat


A Brief History of the Globalized World in the 21st Century

By Thomas Friedman

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ISBN 0141022728

When scholars write the history of the world 20 years from now, and they come to the chapter 'Y2K to March 2004', what will they say was the most crucial development?

The attacks on the New York World Trade Centre on 9/11 and the Iraq war? Or the convergence of technology and events that allowed India, China, and so many other countries to become part of the global supply chain for services and manufacturing?

Friedman argues that the beginning of the 21st century will, in fact, be remembered for the explosion of advanced technologies that now means that, suddenly, knowledge pools and resources have connected all over the world, levelling the playing field as never before, so...

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