Flair warning: most employers are failing to make the best use of the assessment information at their disposal when making talent management decisions.

Author:Kinley, Nik

Talent management is built upon the understanding that organisations have of their employees' skills, expertise and other qualities. "Talent intelligence" is the term we use to describe this. It is the basis of every recruitment and selection decision. Without it, companies would be reduced to hiring and promoting randomly. It's the foundation of talent management, yet the trouble with most firms is that their talent intelligence isn't particularly intelligent.

Too many employers do not have a good understanding of the talent they have in their organisations. The evidence indicates that many, if not most, struggle to identify the right people to recruit, retain and promote.

There are two key problems facing them. First, talent assessment tools and processes often fail to make the kind of impact they should be making. Although these tools can significantly improve an employer's ability to identify and develop talented people, their technical nature means that organisations often fail to appreciate what they can and cannot do, and which are the appropriate ones to apply in different circumstances.

Second, the information that talent assessment tools produce is often wasted. This is because most organisations use it only in individual selection decisions and do not aggregate it to inform their broader HR...

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