Fitness To Practise, Setting The Rules Straight

Author:Mr Duncan Batchelor and Graeme Watson
Profession:Clyde & Co

The Health and Care Professions Council have recently announced that they are consulting on proposed amendments to the two sets of rules that govern their registration process and their fitness to practice committees.

The main proposed changes will include additional online services and allowing a self-declaration instead of requiring a character reference.

The proposed changes to the fitness to practice rules include allowing panel chairs to deal with logistical matters without necessitating a preliminary hearing. Currently, fitness to practise panels have the power to hold preliminary hearings in private with the parties involved for the purpose of case management. The amendment will enable the panel chair alone to give directions about case management without a hearing. It is anticipated that the directions will relate to procedural matters, such as exchange of documents and use of expert witnesses.

While this proposal will make the process...

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