UK firms lose 117 unproductive days each year.

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More than half of the working time in the UK is unproductive, according to a survey by management consultants Proudfoot Consulting. Over 117 working days are lost each year in the UK which, despite longer working hours, was the most unproductive country surveyed. Of the six countries examined, Germany and the US were the most productive, losing 87 days a year. The average across all six countries (Austria, France, Hungary, Germany, the UK and the US) was 97 days. Optimum productivity (based on 85 per cent of working time) would mean losing just 34 days out of 225 days a year.

Poor management and communication, including a lack of planning and supervision, were key reasons for lost productivity. IT-related problems also caused staff to be unproductive, together with low morale which...

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