Fire precautions.

Position:Letter to the editor

I feel very proud of the correspondent who wrote the letter entitled "When push comes to shove" in April's issue. I have also been fired from an organisation, although for different reasons. With the same limited information I possessed at the time, I would go through it all again. But, with the knowledge I have today and the lessons I have learned from that experience, I would now take different steps. My circumstances were not the same as those of your correspondent--and I do miss the money.

According to the procedure laid out in CIMA's code of ethics, the final stage in such situations is to resign. Quitting may be the bravest response, but who is going to pay your bills? How can the institute help its members to stand up for themselves and protect the profession's reputation? If you have to resign, will CIMA pay your expenses until you find another job?

Atala Blackman

CIMA replies:

Doing the right thing is not always easy and it can, of course, come at a cost...

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