Federation of African states.

Author:Zwana, Japhet M.
Position::READERS' VIEWS - Letter to the editor

I did not read the article, " United States of Africa by 2017" by Ifa Kamau Cush in New African but I took note of Dr William Derban's comment on it in the December issue. Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana was the first African leader to be fascinated by the concept. It has been an implied tenet of the OAU and now the AU.


The notion creates excitement in every African but its potential application needs careful deliberation. It must be taken into account that it took America almost 200 years to cobble its United States together, and that the Americans emerged from colonial status into states before uniting.

African countries started to shed their colonial yoke in the 1960s with Ghana gaining independence from the British in March 1957. For more than 50 years, the countries have existed as independent separate nations and, for one to believe that in the next decade, they can be creating political and economic unity is a pipe dream.

The baby steps that the continent has taken towards coalition are exemplified by such regional formations...

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