FBI director could sleep soundly with SafeLogin[TM].


You know that alphanumeric login is well and truly obsolete when even the Director of the FBI confesses he's given up online banking after a phishing scare.

Robert Mueller, the man charged with protecting America from cyber threats, confessed in a speech at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco that he had been halfway through responding to an apparently legitimate email purporting to come from his bank when he realised something was wrong and quit.

And even after changing all his passwords, he has now given up online banking altogether.

Mr Mueller's personal brush with phishing came in the middle of a major FBI investigation, Operation Phish Phry, which has seen nearly 100 people charged in Egypt and the USA following a conspiracy that netted an estimated $1.5 million.

"Intruders are reaching into our networks every day, looking for valuable information," said Mr Mueller. And he urged large corporations to "start thinking of cyber security as mission-critical, not an afterthought."

But Mr Mueller, and the countless others who have been the targets of phishing and Trojan attacks, would have been largely protected if their banks had switched...

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