Extremists force small investors to consider using nominee accounts.

Position:SHAREHOLDER RELATIONS - Brief article

Private shareholders concerned about investing in firms linked to controversial issues such as animal testing are being advised to take an alternative approach to protect their identities.

The UK Shareholders' Association (UKSA) is encouraging small investors to think about moving their shares into nominee accounts in the light of recent threats made by animal rights extremists to individual shareholders in GlaxoSmithKline. The targeting of private investors marks a new phase in the campaign against animal research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences and associated companies. As the law stands, investors' details are publicly available through information held at Companies House. The UKSA said that shareholders who feared victimisation could transfer their stocks to a nominee account held in the name of a third party such as a solicitor or stockbroker, although it acknowledged that this had its disadvantages.

"We make this recommendation with reservations," said the UKSA's communications director, Roger Lawson. "Historically, moving to a nominee account has meant a loss of rights such as the ability to vote at...

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