"Exceptional" part-qualified makes short work of advanced diploma.

Position:EXAMS - Interview - Brief article

A Japanese student has passed all six CIMA managerial level exams in one go. Miho Endo, a former investment manager, sat the papers over three days in May. She managed to achieve marks of 78 per cent and 73 per cent in two of the exams, despite the language barrier.

"I started learning English properly only two years ago when I moved to London with my husband," she told FM. "I was a little nervous when I sat the exams, because it took me longer than most people to make sure I understood the questions."

Endo is one of only 13 students to have completed the managerial level in one go since the new syllabus was introduced in 2005. She also sailed through all five certificate level papers last year, with an average score of 81.7 per cent.

"I made CIMA the most important thing in my life," she said. "I hadn't studied since I was at university ten years...

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