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November 2008 exam results

The results were sent out by first-class post or airmail on January 15 for TOPCIMA and strategic level papers, and on January 22 for managerial level papers. Results were e-mailed on the same day they were posted.

Question papers and post-exam guides

Visit www.cimaglobal.com/study resources to download copies of the exam papers. Suggested answers are free to download via the "My CIMA" area of the web site. Post-exam guides for each subject are available for three to four months after the exams. These are essential reading for unsuccessful candidates and those studying a new subject.

Script reviews and administrative reviews

CIMA is offering a script review service for the three strategic level subjects and TOPCIMA. The service is available only if you received between 40 and 49 marks in the paper for which you want a script review.

An administrative review service is also available for all managerial and strategic level papers. Visit www.cimaglobal.com/scriptreview for more information about these services and how to apply for a review.

The deadline for requesting script reviews and administrative reviews is February 13.

May 2009 exams

The next exams will take place on May 19, 20 and 21. Online exam entry for these will be available at www.cimaglobal.com/examentary from February 2. The standard closing date for entry is noon on March 16. If you enter after this date it will be accepted only as a late entry and you will have to pay a late entry fee of 182 [pounds sterling]. The deadline for late entries is noon on March 23.

You must pay your exam fees online when you enter for them. The 2009 fees are 67 [pounds sterling] for managerial level papers, 72 [pounds sterling] for strategic level papers and 92 [pounds sterling] for TOPCIMA.

CIMA doesn't accept cancellations and will not refund fees. To change an exam centre or paper, e-mail exam.changes@cimaglobal.com and pay the fee by March 23. Changes before March 16 will cost 29 [pounds sterling] and changes between March 16 and 23 will cost 58 [pounds sterling].

TOPCIMA case study pre-seen material The pre-seen material for the March and May papers is available at www.cimaglobal.com/topcima now. It's your responsibility to download this material and familiarise yourself with it before the exam. A "clean" copy of the pre-seen material and the assessment matrix will be given to you in the exam. You cannot take any notes in with you.

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